UoM occupation.

Students at the University of Manchester are fighting back against the way they've been treated and have occupied a building until their demands are met

Just over a month ago, students were dragged back to university on the pretence that they would operate as normal. When they got there, they were locked in their rooms, made to accept distanced learning, exposed to the coronavirus and expected to put up with it – all whilst paying £9,000 a year for the pleasure!

Students in Manchester are now fighting back. We can confirm that activists from UoM Rent Strike are currently occupying the university building and tonight’s episode of Join the Fightback will be broadcast live from inside the university!

UoM Rent Strike is making five key demands:

1A Meeting with Vice Chancellor, Nancy Rothwell

2Mental Health support for students

3No action taken against rent strikers and occupiers and meet all other rent strikers’ demands

4Reduction of tuition fees

5Protect lecturer’s jobs

The group of activists say they are taking this action because the university has so far failed to take seriously their concerns, listen to any demands or meet with them. They are pledging to stay in Owen’s Park Tower until the demands are met by the university.

A spokesperson for UoM Rent Strike said:

“We will not leave this building until the university of manchester agrees to meet our demands, and takes student safeguarding seriously.

“Students have been scapegoated for this crisis, blamed for rising cases and even fenced in their halls- all because the university of manchester wanted us to pay the extortionate tuition and accommodation fees.

“This cannot go on, and we will continue protesting until we are listened to.”

Join the People’s Assembly and the UoM Rent Strike live from inside the building from 7pm tonight, streamed on the People's Assembly Facebook page.

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